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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​B20 History

Since Toronto 2010 the B20 has played a vital role in the G20 process. 

The B20 was first convened in Toronto in 2010 as a business summit during the Canadian G20 presidency. It continued to play a vital role in the succeeding Korean, French, Mexican and Russian host years.​ 

The need for business leaders to engage with political leaders emerged much earlier. Business leaders have been meeting regularly since the G8 Summit in Germany in 2007. When the G8 members decided to expand to include 20 members and become a more powerful decision making forum, the business organisations also chose to meet in a similar format. With each G20 Summit, particularly those in Toronto and Seoul, different B20 configurations emerged and the format continues to evolve. The B20 Summit was made a permanent event during the French G20 presidency in 2011.

Since the first business summit alongside the G20 2010 Summit in Toronto​, more than 400 recommendations have been put forward to G20 leaders. ​​

Vladimir Putin met B20 leaders

  President Vladmir Putin speaks with the B20 2013 Troika (Mexico, Russia and Australia) and B20   Leaders Source: RSPP