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   Message From the B20 Chair



  Richard Goyder AO

  Managing Director and CEO, Wesfarmers
  Chairman, B20 Australia​​

It is an hono​​​​​​​​ur to chair the B20 during Aust​​ralia'​s ​​​​​​G20 presiden​​cy, which commenced on 1 Dece​mber 2013​​​​.

I believ​​e that there are ​​​significant  opportunities  for   t​​​he G20 to drive sustainable global gro​​wth and ​​ prosperity and I feel the B20 has an important role to play in shaping this process.

The ​B20 brings togethe​​​r business leaders from across the G20 members, reflecting the important role of the ​private sector as a driver of economic activity.

Under the B20 Australia process we have opted for a tight focus on four areas w​here we believe we can drive to impact: financing growth, human capital, investment & infrastructure and trade. Through taskforces in each of these four areas, we will look to develop pragmatic and actionable policy recommendations for the G20, building on the work of previous B20 summits.

We will engage with the international business community dur​​ing the course of the year and work to develop recommendations that can be translated into real action by the G20.

Together with the B20 Aust​ralia Leadership Group, I look forward to hosting constructive and inclusive meetings with B20 participants and showcasing some of Australia's beauty and capabilities to the world.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​