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The B20 has welcomed G20 commitments to implement an ambitious structural reform agenda which will lift global GDP by more than two per cent above expectations over the next five years and create millions of new jobs.
Last night, a business delegation representing 18 countries met with a number of G20 leaders to deliver a simple message on behalf of the international business community – create the right policy settings and business will invest to drive growth and create jobs.
The B20 is calling on G20 leaders to commit to a bold reform agenda and ambitious individual country growth strategies when they meet in Brisbane at the annual G20 Leaders Summit this weekend.
B20 Human Capital Taskforce Coordinating Chair Steve Sargent has called for increased collaboration and government accountability to maximise job creation and set global economies on a pathway to growth, in advance of the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane this weekend.
The B20 and L20 have written a joint letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott ahead of the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane next week.
Business leaders have welcomed G20 commitments in Washington last week to progress a Global Infrastructure Centre or Hub as a mechanism to support the Global Infrastructure Initiative agreed by G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Cairns last month.
Business leaders are calling on the G20 to progress the Global Infrastructure Initiative agreed by G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Cairns in September when they meet again in Washington this week.
The B20 welcomes G20 commitments to increase economic growth and lift employment through quality investment, including the establishment of a Global Infrastructure Initiative and a commitment to finalise and implement consistently the global financial regulatory reform agenda.
B20 leaders have called on the G20 to commit to an ambitious policy reform agenda that would drive economic growth and create jobs.
The B20 is calling for clear, practical and measurable actions to be included in the G20 Employment Plans which will be discussed at the upcoming G20 Labour and Employment Ministers meeting.
The failure of World Trade Organization (WTO) members to adopt the necessary Protocol for Agreement on Trade Facilitation by 31 July is extremely disappointing according to the B20.
The international business community has laid out a blueprint for G20 leaders to promote global economic growth and employment outcomes and make the global economy more resilient to deal with future shocks.
Senior business leaders from across the G20 are arriving in Sydney ahead of the B20 Australia Summit where they will discuss, finalise and prioritise a set of policy recommendations for G20 leaders that drive global economic growth and create jobs.
B20 Australia
The B20 is engaging the international business community in the development of policy recommendations for G20 leaders during a series of meetings at the OECD Forum in Paris, France.
B20 Australia Chairman Richard Goyder AO today confirmed the B20 is on track to deliver a set of specific, actionable policy recommendations to G20 governments that contribute to the goal of global economic growth and job creation.
The B20 Human Capital Taskforce today confirmed its recommendations to G20 governments would be aligned to the G20 target of lifting collective GDP by more than two per cent above trend over the next five years.
Policy makers and business leaders will come together for the first joint G20 and B20 roundtable discussion to identify practical measures to lift infrastructure investment worldwide.
The B20 infrastructure and investment taskforce has confirmed its focus in 2014 will be on making recommendations to the G20 that help direct capital and capability to much needed infrastructure projects.
The B20 Human Capital Taskforce has confirmed its focus in 2014 will be on delivering a set of practical, actionable and measurable recommendations to G20 leaders to address the challenges facing today’s global workforce.
The Business 20 (B20) has reaffirmed its support for the G20 agenda which was outlined by the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, in a special address to business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
B20 Australia today welcomed the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) announcement that it had reached agreement over the weekend on a number of longstanding trade issues at the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali.
B20 Australia today confirmed its approach to business input during the Australian G20 presidency would be a focus on four policy areas which support the G20 agenda of promoting growth, creating jobs and building resilience in the global economy
B20 Australia
The B20 has backed calls for World Trade Organisation (WTO) members to finalise multilateral trade facilitation negotiations during the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia from 3 - 6 December.
B20 Australia
On 1 December Australia assumed the presidency of the G20. In accepting the presidency the PM highlighted two key focus areas: promoting stronger economic growth and making the global economy more resilient to deal with future shocks.
B20 Australia
Australia's business leaders will harness the strength of the business community to tackle trade, labour, and capital barriers which are restricting global growth, as part of their plan to deliver impact from Australia's impending hosting of the G20.​