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​​​​​​​B20 Advocacy Program                                            

The B20 community is working with policy makers across the G20 to encourage implementation of the B20 recommendations.

The B20's advocacy program will run until the November G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane and will be delivered in three streams:

  • Domestic and international business associations will use the B20 recommendations as a basis for discussions on policy reform with their home and other G20 governments.

  • Taskforce membersSummit participants and members of the B20 community will champion the B20 recommendations with governments and communities in their home countries.

  • The B20 ChairTaskforce and Working Group Chairs and the B20 Sherpa will travel to selected G20 countries to advocate the B20 recommendations.

If B20 recommendations are implemented by governments, the G20 will exceed its additional two per cent growth target by 2018.​​

b20 video - the g20 & b20 explained

What is the G20 & B20 and why is there so much excitement ahead of the November meeting of G20 leaders in Brisbane?​



Two documents will support the first phase of the advocacy program:

  1. The full B20 policy recommendations
  2. Advocacy messages from the B20 to the G20 (including a list of the 20 B20 recommendations)

The B20​ will discuss these documents with policymakers, G20 officials and their communities, particularly the recommendations that are most relevant to their country.

The International Chamber of Commerce has provided the B20 with translations of the​​ B20's 20 recommendations to assist with advocacy. They are available from the links below: 

If you would like further information on the advocacy campaign or the B20 Sherpa's travel, please contact the B20 Office.