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Financing Growth

The availability of credit to business is vital to global economic growth. The G20 Finance Ministers Communiqué in February noted that the core financial market reforms, building resilient financial institutions, ending 'too-big-to-fail', addressing shadow banking risks and making derivatives markets safer, should be substantially completed by the November Brisbane Summit. 

To ensure that global regulation does not inhibit growth and the creation of jobs, the B20 is examining how the core reforms can be implemented in a way that promotes an integrated global financial system, reduces harmful fragmentation and avoids unintended costs. 

The B20 is also examining how to provide greater recognition for emerging market economies in the development of international standards, address issues relating to the implementation of international standards in emerging market economies, facilitate greater infrastructure financing, and remove impediments to trade finance. 

The taskforce report and two supporting documents can be downloaded at these links.

B20 Financing Growth Taskforce Report

Voice of the Customer Research

Taskforce Infrastructure Financing Paper