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International trade is the world’s growth engine. It is essential to securing global job creation and
higher living standards. Trade will be critical to the G20’s objective of raising global growth by at
least 2 per cent above business-as-usual targets over the next five years. Therefore, it is concerning
that trade growth is still well below pre-global financial crisis levels.

The international business community strongly urges G20 Leaders to stamp their authority on the
global trading system by securing trade as a core feature of the G20 Agenda. A targeted set of
four high impact B20 recommendations, if implemented, could generate up to $3.4 trillion in GDP
growth and support more than 50 million jobs across the G20 economies. This would be akin to
adding another Germany to the global economy. 

Business therefore encourages each G20 economy to incorporate an ambitious domestic reform agenda, which explicitly targets trade-enhancing measures, into their Country Growth Strategies. This will encourage countries and businesses to allocate their scarce resources to the industries and activities where they are most competitive, acknowledging that ‘Made in the World’ is the reality of modern global trade.

The Trade Taskforce report can be downloaded here: B20 Trade Taskforce Report​.​